17. July 2018 - 21. July 2018

Vladimir Nikolić was born in 1974 in Belgrade, Serbia. Nikolić works foremost with video, and some of his topics include the political history of the Balkans, questioning of various forms of authority in the contemporary world and social issues. In an earlier work, „Ritam“ (Rhythm, 2001) he questions the submissive stance towards religious authorities and tradition, material practices which mark a certain ideology. In the video-work, five people stand on stage and on the beat of techno music they are making a cross gesture of the Christian church. He question authority also in the art world, such as in „Godišnjica smrti“ (Death Anniversary, 2004), where he hired a dirge singer to sing in Paris, in from of Duchamp's grave. With that he speaks on his position, as the position of artists in his surroundings, in which their voices are still sees in the way of „other“. In his works he often uses mirrors, with which he creates or shows scenes and fragments which happen on the other side.


Behind the Scenes