22. July 2017 - 29. July 2017

Tanja Ostojić was born in 1972 in Titovo Užice, Serbia.
She is a performance artist, in her work, she questions social configurations, feminist issues, economy and bio-politics. She created from a position of a migrant female, often encompassing other female artists in her work. Ostojić is an interdisciplinary artis who questions politics and power relations, she uses provocation, irony and humour to comment on the treatment of the West and Europe towards women and migrants.
She is known for her 2005 work „After Coubert, L'Origine du monde“, or, informally known as „EU Panties“. The work is a poster first presented on a public exhibition EuroPart in Vienna, and it shows the position of female foreigners, migrants in Europe. During the Venice Biennale in 2011, she did a performance „I'll Be Your Angel“ in which she followed the Biennales curator Harald Szeemann for several days, only gently smiling at him, by which she pointed to the problems of representation and the East-West relationship, as well as that of the artist-institution, or woman-man. In one of her recent project „Lexicon of Tanja Ostojić“, she connected to around 50 women with whom she shares a name and surname. In the project, she cartographically documents the migrations and problems of these women, including talks, events, and workshops.
Ostojić holds workshops and lectures in university around the world, mostly in Europe and the western areas of the USA. She also published several books, including „Lexicon of Tanja Ostojić“ (2014), „Integration impossible?: The Politics of Migration in the Artwork of Tanja Ostojić“ (2009), „Strategies of Success / Curators Series“ (2004).


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