Srečo Dragan

05. September 2015

Srečo Dragan was born in Spodnji Hrastnik, Slovenia in 1944. He graduated from the Academy of fine Arts in Ljubljana, Department of Painting, and in 1969 completed his M.A. at the same institution. He was awarded the Prešeren Fund grant and in 1973 he advanced his course in media arts in London. He received a grant for video art from the French government for the period of 1984-85 at the University- Paris 7, as well as for the Audio-Visual Laboratory of the INA Centre and SFP TV Paris. 

In 1968 he was member of the OHO  group and exhibition with them at SC gallery in Zagreb. In 1969, together with Nuša Dragan, he shot the very first video art piece in the former Yugoslavia. Since 1987 he has been lecturing at the Academy of fine Arts and design in Ljubljana at the Department for Video in New Media. He lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


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