20. July 2019 - 27. July 2019

Selma Selman was born in 1991 in Bihać in B&H. She is currently finishing her post-graduate studies and teaching at the University of Syracuse in New York. In her work, she explores the topic of the female (Roma) experience, the question of culture and power in today's system of politics and society. She works in the media of performance, video-art, painting on used and derelict objects and she is exploring virtual art. Some of her notable performances are "You Have No Idea" (2016), "The Composition of a Bride", or the painting series "Don't Be Like Me" and the photo-series "Mercedes 310" (2014). She organizes the "Open Screen" Festival in which she, in different locations, invites the audience that they together, without prejudice, watch a selection of video-works of renowned, but also young artists, or even non-artists. She started a foundation to help schooling of Roma children call "March to School" in collaboration with the Bheart foundation. She lives in New York and Bihać.


Behind the Scenes