09. July 2017 - 16. July 2017

Nikola Džafo was born in 1950 in Novi Sad, Serbia.
Džafo works in a direct and activist manner through his art. He comments on the situation of culture in his surroundings and propagates the dignity of the arts. He works in performance, actions, objects, installations, paintings, art interventions and public appearances. He intentionally uses kitsch to comment on the conditions of the societally acceptable artworks, and as a part of that, he introduces the motif of a rabbit in his work, signifying the visibility of only pleasure, without reason.
He is the creator of the Led Art group, a subversive guerilla art group which has, since 1993, made over 30 projects. Džafo is the co-founder of the Centre for Art Decontamination in Belgrade (1995) and Led Art Multi-media center in Novi Sad (2000). In 2000, in a basement of 5, Grčkoškolska Street in Novi Sad, he started the Art klinika (eng. Art Clinic). The idea of the Art klinika project is that art can change and heal the world. After its end, its „euthanasia“, in 2013, he started Šok zadruga (eng. Shock Collective) on the same ethical principles.
In the action „From the Ashes a Museum“ from 2008, members of the Art klinika burned various paintings, drawings, books etc. donated to them by over a hundred artists. This was done to raise awareness on the neglected issues of culture in Novi Sad. The ritual of burning was done with the intent of waking up, empowering and protecting the artists in their work. As part of Šok zadruga, Balkan's smallest galleries were created – Šok galerije, which are 2 square meters in size. With these, the art is moved from the traditional spaces of museums and galleries and set in urban spaces, showing thus the desire for action and change.


Behind the Scenes