18. July 2019 - 22. July 2019

Miroslav Miša Savić was born in 1954 in Belgrade, Serbia. He is a composer, performer, a musical pedagogue. He graduated Composition and Orchestration at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. Since the mid-1970s he was the director of the music programmed of the Students' Cultural Centre in Belgrade. He was a member of the Ensemble for Other New Music, also a co-founder of avant-garde composer groups Opus 4, Disfilharmonija and Liebe und Arbeit. The Opus 4 group (Milimir Drašković, Miodrag Lazarov Pashu, Miroslav Savić and Vladimir Tošić) was dedicated to multimedia artistic experience in the spirit of Minimalism and Fluxus. It was active from 1976 to 1982. Savić was an active participant of the European Project of Minimal Music. Some of his compositions from the period include „24 Hours / Accord“ (1977), „Heated Circulating Sound of the Piano“ (1977), and „To Play / Not to Play“ (1980). With over a hundred works written for classical instruments, his work also includes experimental performing forms, minimal and electronic music and interactive installations. He lives in Belgrade, Serbia.


Behind the Scenes