05. July 2017 - 07. July 2017

Miroslav Pavlović was born in 1952 in Vršac, Serbia. He is often placed in the context of Neo-Constructivism, and his work is a result of analysing the medium of painting. He started with analytical monochromatic painting to which he soon added the third dimension. Pavlović creates visual concrete objects – sculptures, installations, in which he explores basic elements of visual language, experimenting with the materials he uses to create his works.
The foundation of his work are the „Dimensional Works“, titled such since the first incarnations in 1980s, made of wood, metal, canvas, paint and similar materials. In those works he is not limited exclusively to a painting or sculpture as a medium, they have marks of painting-objects or free standing works. The technique of applying paint is controlled and thought-out, done following an analysis, the work is redone if needed, until the goal is reached. In works such as „The Evolution of Painting no. 1“ installed in 1999 in Vršac, which spans ten meters in width and three in height, he again stepped out of painting. Pavlović views completed works as an offer of harmony of form in a given space, which shows his thought-out creative process. He creates works in series, where the constructive elements of works are repeated, as a process which allows the viewers to think about the works themselves.
The uniting principle of his work is the primacy of form, the plastic, visual thinking is above the narrative and allegoric – so the form becomes a symbolic sign of an artwork.


Behind the Scenes