27. July 2018 - 02. August 2018

Milica Bilanović was born in 1997 in Tuzla, Bosnia and Hercegovina. She is currently studying at the New Media department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. In her previous works, she dealt with socialy made constructs of sexual identity, language, and the role of stereotype. The work „Plastični ideal“ (Plastic Ideal) comprises of four Barbie dolls, modified by adding genitalia. This work bring into question the sex and gender differences as biological and social foreordains, and it shows the diversity of possible identifications of sexual identity. The video-work “Belin” was made as an attempt to fit in the unknown surroundings using language. In this work, the artist trys to imitate her surroundings and speak “German”. Using a speech recognition tool she takes the made-up “German” turned into text made from recognized words, and creates a meaningless content which doesn’t transmit a message and doesn’t point to anything. The work deals with construction of meaningful content where it doesn’t exist. In the work “Glupa sam, dakle postojim” (I’m Stupid, Therefore I exist), she questions the stereotype of the dumb Bosnian. The action in the public space had passers-by stamp her body, by which she showed that every identification s made by the mediation of others.


Behind the Scenes