04. July 2019 - 05. July 2019

Matjaž Hanžek was born in 1949 in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia. He graduated Sociology from the University of Ljubljana in 1977. He was a member of the OHO group. That period is marked by his works using matchboxes, such as „LSD I Enjoy“ (1968) or creating „OHO Editions“ (1968). He was one of the most prolific concrete poetry writers in  Slovene literature. Between 1967 and 1977 he published five collections of poems. He participated in publications „Pericažeracirep“, „Catalogue“ and „Catalogue 2“. He was the editor of „Tribuna“ magazine, and when Radio Študent startedd, he was the literature and culture editor. Later he was the editor of „Problemi“ magazine. He lives in Vodice, Slovenia.


Behind the Scenes