12. July 2019 - 14. July 2019

Marko Tadić was born in 1979 in Sisak, Croatia. He graduated Painting from the Academy of Visual Arts in Florence. Tadić created in the media of visual arts and film, collage, objects, installations and drawings, combining them and joining them in new relationships. He often uses found objects, gathered elements from the Socialist period foremost. Some of the main topics of his work ar the reinterpretation of history and Modernist heritage, as well as the reception of that time period today. He represented Croatia at the Venice Biennale in 2017. Some of his works are the series of video animations, collages and objects „We used to call it: Moon!“ (2011/2012), „Moving Elements“ (2016), series „Table of Contents“ or „Accumulation of images from below“ and others. He lives in Zagreb, Croatia.

foto: Damir Žižić


Behind the Scenes