06. July 2018 - 08. July 2018

Marijan Molnar was born in 1951 in Reka, close to Koprivnica, Croatia. He is a post-conceptual artist one of the participants in the New Artistic Practice in Zagreb. In his works, he prefers artistic nomadism which, with time, started including new technology. He combines painting, installations, video, ambients, public actions, photography, site-specific and on-line installation. After painting over with black his drawings created in Academy, from 1977 to 19833 he was occupied with philosophical meaning of the system of elements: earth, water, fire, and air, which he questions with actions such as „Zemlja i vatra“ (Earth and Fire), „Paljenje papira na snijegu“ (Burning of paper on snow) from 1977. At that time, he deals with the relationship of culture and nature, for example, with the action „Dnevni obrok umjetnika“ (Artist's Daily Meal), as well as the limits, of, e.g. paper and gallery - „Okvir rada“ (Artwork's Frame), 1978 - and the boundaries of body and space, as in the performance „Tri odnosa tijelo/ambijent“ (Three relations body/ambient), 1978. „Za demokratizaciju umjetnosti“ (For the Democratization of Art) is a series of works started in 1979 with an action to get signature for the democratization of art at the then Republic Square in Zagreb. In his works, he questions the topic of absence, openness and closeness, indifference. He collaborated with the artists around the Podrum Gallery and PM Gallery.


Behind the Scenes