12. July 2019 - 18. July 2019

Marijan Crtalić was born in 1968 in Sisak, Croatia. He graduated in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. In his creative work, he soon abandoned painting and over the years focused more on installations, environments, photography, video and performance. The subject of his artistic explorations is his own life, and in the works, he aims to set the balance between emotional reactions and rational thinking. He says that he sees his identity as a point of permeation of various forces (nature, society, culture, etc.), each of them with their own meaning and energy which can be used to build work-identity. Some of his works are performances "Dereasoning" (2000 and 2001), "Strangulation" (2002). video-installation "Fuck and Regret" (2002), video-work "Living Dead (Globalization of the Subconscious)" (2006). He is heading a multi-year art project "Invisible Sisak". He is the founder of the "Ironworks Festival" with which he puts into focus the forgotten cultural politics and history of the Sisak Ironworks and sets the city of Sisak as a place of cultural exchange and cultural production. He lives in Zagreb and Sisak.


Behind the Scenes