03. July 2019 - 11. July 2019

Lipa Mill was born in 1960 in Ruma, Serbia. She graduated in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad. She is the founder and director of the art group EX NIHILO (1993 - 1995). The group included high school students from Novi Sad with whom she organized exhibitions, actions, performances, or creative readings. The published a magazine of the same title. She created in many media, which she, at times, combines together. Her practice was marked by performances such as "Fires" (1988), "Body, Pigment, Water" (1989), or "Rituals of the Body and Land" (1990). Her performances are transmissions of energy into specific gestures, signs, objects. She often creates them in places with strong energies of past times and the elements of ritual and shaman ceremonies, mixing of the eros, sensuality, and sexuality. In late 1992, she organized a "Dada Symposion" happening to mark 70 years from the publishing of the first issue of the Dada-Tank and Dada-Jazz magazines, and of the first Dada gathering in Novi Sad. In the title, she added a segment of the name of the Novi Sad Neo-avant-garde magazine „Új Symposion“. The happening brought together over a hundred participants, the setting is as well as a gesture of saying farewell of the generation with the recent history of the region. She lives in Bosanski Petrovac.


Behind the Scenes