22. July 2017 - 23. July 2017

Koji Kamoji was born in 1935 in Tokyo, Japan.
Kamoji is a painter, creator installations and objects, he does actions and performances. His paintings, installations and performance art works are often interpreted withing the context of East Asian philosophy and the metaphysic of Zen and Mahayana school of Buddhism. He uses his work as a tool for intellectual contemplation, and for him, art bears a spiritual dimension.
Kamoji moved to Poland in 1959, on a scholarship received from the Polish Government. One of the topics of his artworks is the emptiness – relating space and emptiness. In his works, installations and perfromanses, he uses natural and delicate materials – he employ the air, ground, takes water, glass, light metal constructs, wood, stones, rope, paper… These materials are well suited for his minimalistic artworks, and many are strongly determined by geometry, which combine fully with their spiritual, metaphysical and meditation aspect.
„Water” was initially created in 2009 for the Kunstmuseum Magdeburg. The environment was constructed in a 900 year old Romanesque crypt, based on the atmopshere and comprising of only a single glass of water. "On the Temple Wall" is a series from the 1960s which features 100 x 70 cm plywood plates coated white in oil paint, with various size holes, circular in shape, cut out with a chisel. The openings are partially outlined in black paint.
He has been an active participant and exhibitor since 1965 in the Polish independent exhibiting spaces such as Krzysztofory Gallery, Mona Lisa Gallery or Foksal Gallery, continuing as well in the 1980s.


Behind the Scenes