27. July 2018 - 02. August 2018

Isidora Pejović was born in 1991 in Belgrade, Serbia. She graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Camera department in 2015. She is currently finishing the master course at the same Faculty, on the New Media department. In her works, she deals with the relationship between a person and society, a person with themselves, and artists towards social norms. The does her research through various, mostly digital media such as photography, social network, and sensory installations. She is currently focused on video games. In the video-game „Stevica klošar“ (The Homeless Stevica), 2018, Isidora gives the player a mission to keep the homeless person Stevica alive for as long as possible. With this work, she opens certain social issues, as well as the intimate question of the relationship between the player and the people who have fallen out of the system. She finds inspiration in her everyday surroundings and the phenomena integrated in the city life.


Behind the Scenes