02. July 2022 - 06. July 2022

Giovanni Pizzo (1934, Veroli) attended the Academy of Fine Arts and the French Academy in Rome. Di Luciano and Pizzo met in 1956 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and married in 1959. They were part of the programmed art movement (arte programmata), and their works were written about by some of the most prominent art critics of the time.

Gruppo 63 consisted of two artistic couples - Lucia di Luciano and Giovanni Pizzo and Lia Drei and Francesco Guerrieri. The group was characterized by artistic research based on logical-mathematical principles, which strives to unify art, architecture and industrial design. The group ceased to operate in September 1963. Then di Luciano and Pizzo founded the Operativo R group (1963 – 1968), which included Franco di Vito and Carlo Carchietti. The group creates with a pronounced rigidity that follows the precise theoretical principles of the scientific-logical field.


Behind the Scenes