Ewa Partum

05. July 2015 - 12. July 2015

Bork in 1945 in Grodzisk Mazowieki, Central Poland,  Partum belongs to the first generation of Polish conceptual artists. Partum was engaged in linguistic activities in an attempt to discover a new artistic language. From 1965  she began to work in a public spece and continued through the seventies, integrating visual poetry (active poetry) and performance. in 1972 she founded mail art gallery Galeria Adres . 

She works in broad range of media, including visual poetry, performance art, and the analysis of media such as film, photography or TV.    She is also highly influencial pioneer of feminist art. Ewa Partum has lived and worked in Berlin since 1983.

Her work are in collections of major museums and galleries including Tate Modern in London, National Museum Reina Sofia in Madrid and Generali Foundation in Vienna, Museum of Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz.


Behind the Scenes


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