16. July 2018 - 21. July 2018

Dubravko Mataković was born in 1959 in Ivankovo, Croatia. Alongiside visual arts, an important form of expression since 1984 for him have been comics. His comics were, since 1984, published in „Studentski list“, then „Polet“, „Madost“, „TEN“ from Osijek, „Tribuna“ from Slovenia, „Patak“, „Večernji list“ and others. Up to now, he was published over ten comic albums, such as „Sabrana nedjela“ (Collected missdeeds) in 1986, „Prot pikčers“ in 1988, „Overkloking“ in 2010, „Govno“ (Shit) in 2011 etc. His works are characterized by dark humour and sarcasm towards the society he lives in. He also does animated films, and is the founder of a music group Septica, in which he sing under the name „Govnar Smrti“ (the Death Shitter).


Behind the Scenes