08. July 2018 - 15. July 2018

Dragan Živadinov was bor in 1960 in Ilirska Bistrica in Slovenia. This conceptual artist is one of the founders of the artistic movement Neue Slowenische Kunst (1985), with the Laibach group and Irwin. The movement researches the relationship between religion, art, and state. He introduces the notion of retrogardism in the 1980s, and in 1983 he founded (with Edo Čufer and Miran Mohar) the Gledališče Sester Scipion Nasice (Theatre of the Sciopion Nasice Sisters), with the manifesto „Sestrsko pismo“ (Sister letter).
The manifesto had set and described a timeframe of four years from the founding to the self-destruction of the theatre. Later he founded „Rdeči pilot“ (Red pilot) in 1987, and „Kozmokinetični kabinet Noordung“ (Cosmokinetic Cabinet Noordung) to unite art and science. He engages in gravity art and astronautics. In 1999 he created „Biomeniku Noordung“, first theatre show in completely zero-gravity conditions. His longterm theatre project is dedicated to the work of the rocket engineer and visionary Herman Potočnik Nooerdung, which Živadinov set every ten years, up to 2045, when he will, as a cosmonaut candidate with a finished training at the Russian city of Zvyozdny gorodok, launch himself into space.


Behind the Scenes