Željko Kipke

01. July 2013 - 07. July 2013


The action Black, Blacker than Black was performed on the Easter Day 1985 at Zagreb’s Otokar Keršovani Square. I lied down into rhomboid forms painted on the ground and did not think that because of specific shooting conditions an action in public space would turn into a film document on levitation. Because the camera man, while circling around me and filming, was holding the camera in one hand and the handlebar of the bike with the other, a banal action turned into magic reality on film screen. In the end, all that remained was film reality and everything else dissolved in time.

In the memory of the film magic act that happened 28 years ago, at the Valamar tourist complex north of Poreč, as part of the international project Artist on Vacation I’ll lie down into a sign that consists of two juxtaposed boomerangs.

Under the motto Silvery, More Silvery than Silver I’ll try to generate a strong protective belt around myself and my work at the moment when Croatia without reserves opens to secret societies and the new world order in the form of the EU community. Will this project open the field of levitation or some other form of magical reality? It is a fact that I initiated the former Easter project with the aim of protection from the community that through pronounced social ideology endangered the magical reality of the individual. Moreover, it did not approve of it at all. Since then almost nothing has changed in this field. The community has been expanded, but its ideological frame is equally pragmatic – aggressive and vicious. Silvery, More Silvery than Silver is an act of magic nature without any reserves; it establishes a connection or a bridge towards something that happened on the Easter Day in distant 1985.

Željko Kipke

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