20. June 2015 - 27. June 2015

Autopsia is a depersonalized art project that involves musical and visual production. It brings together authors of different professions in realization of multimedia projects. It stated in London in the late 1970s and it was continued in the art centres of former Yugoslavia in the 1980s. Since 1990 Autopsia has operated from Prague.

Its theme is Death, method is Repetition, and its discourse is impersonal.Autopsia’s musical production can be classified as experimental, breakcore, avant-garde, ambient, industrial. It can be found on numerous compilations issued all over the world. The method of repetition—recycling/montage of images and textual fragments —stands at the very centre of the operative system of Autopsia, making even an “original palimpsest,” an image which is simultaneously unique and multiple. Music production of Autopsia is associated with a large graphic production which consists of original graphic objects, design of flyers, booklets, CDs and a Web Page, with its offsprings: Autopsia TV and Illuminating Technologies.


Behind the Scenes