12. July 2017 - 17. July 2017

Adrien Sin was born in France in 1961.
Sina is a curator, historian of performance, an architect and an artist. One of his research fields is also dance, and he author the four-volume edition “Feminine Futures — Avant-garde female artists in the fields of performance & dance through film & photography”, with the titles Futurism, Antique Modernity, European and American Expressionism, which resulted in several exhibitions.

In his works he deals with the relationships between body and nature, the relationship towards the human body and the perception of it, often combining it with philosophical thought. In his early works he studies mathematical theorems which he puts in the mental space of art. He is often inspired with medical elements which he transfers into art. So in the work “Intimate Landscapes” (1999.—2003.) he uses swabs forgotten in a hospital in Brussels in the 1970s in which he finds unique marks, calligraphic portraits of women, physically in their most intimate form.
In the work “Endo-Exo-Planets” from 2011, he uses medical tissue samples, which he scans, enlarges and in them finds and maps something like geological formations which he puts in a circle frame. With this, he makes a visual of unknown extra-solar planets.
In the video-work “Farafin a ni Toubabou” (2007), made with Mamary Diallo, he exposes the  question of the trade of goods and other exchanges, and questions ethics, human rights and political positions — especially those of the developed and non-developed.


Behind the Scenes