09. July 2018 - 16. July 2018

Adela Jušić was born on 1982 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to her artist statement, she characterizes her work as extremely personal, infused with personal experiences, memories and the politics that come from the feminist discourse and materialize in different media. Her primary media is video. Her art is rooted in personal experiences (including the topic of the war in Bosnia, position of women in war, cultural tradition etc.). So, in the video-work „Snajperist“ (the Sniper, 2007) combines the diary entries of her father, a sniperist of Bosnian and Hercegovinian Army, who died after receiving a gunshot to the eye. Jušić deals with the topics of history and conflict in this autobiographical work. She is one of the members and founders of the CRVENA Association for culture and art. In one of its research projects, with Andreja Dugandžić, she made the work „Eto nam žena“ (Here come the women, 2015), and the online Archive of the Antifascist Front of Women of Bosnia and Hercegovina and Yugoslavia. The work speaks on the change of politics towards women, referring to the Second World War period, when women engaged in the Antifascist Front of Women in various ways, only to return to their position of mothers and homemakers in the 1950s.


Behind the Scenes